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Pre-screening, the secret to avoiding no shows!

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almost 2 years ago

by Victoria Marsden

Pre-screening, the secret to avoiding no shows!

​First impressions count, and it’s very easy to fall into a pre-screen that suits your business, many providers overlook the fact that this should really be a two-way conversation between the candidate and end employer.  This is the chance for the candidate to interview you too, an opportunity for you to really get them to buy into coming to work for you.  If you don’t entice them, your competitors will. So how can you screen candidates but also ensure you get out of it what you need.

If your pre-screen is good, then candidates are more likely to turn up to their interview.  First Impressions Count!

The Attracting Mode

Your first contact should always be a call – NOT an application form and NOT an email. Although we understand the need and importance of application forms, this could also slow down your process incredibly and be a barrier.  Chances are your competitors are calling the candidates, getting them in for interview next day, and maybe even offering there and then, in the meantime your sat waiting for the candidate to reply to your email or fill out your application form.

Your Approach

We always find that a pretty informal approach initially is key, this ensures that the candidate feels relaxed and feels that they are able to ask as many questions as possible.  You should be:-

Warm, Friendly, welcoming, informative, nurturing, reassuring but truthful. 

  • You should also be an ambassador for your companies Brand, Values and Ethos and be able to tell a prospective candidate why they should work for you.

  • ALWAYS make sure you ask if they are ok to talk before continuing your call.

  • REMIND always remind them which position you are calling them about, they may have applied for many vacancies.

  • EXPLAIN that you have received their application and the nature of the call is to find out a little more about them.

  • DON’T fire questions at them or grill them at this point remember you are still in the ATTRACTING MODE

  • REMEMBER– the prescreen is a two-way thing, they are deciding if you are right for them,

  • REMEMBER – you are probably not their only option as an employer.

A Chat is much more likely to give you, and them, the answers you are looking for regarding the candidate’s suitability.

What makes you special?

This is one of the key questions our Recruitment Team always asks when we take a new vacancy, and it is so saddening that not many people can provide a really good answer.  We often get told

  • We provide a free uniform

  • We pay travel time

  • We have one awards.

Believe it or not none of the above are that important to a candidate.  As an employer or recruiter, your company should have a clear mission statement, this mission statement should run through every employee.  Every employee should know what this is, what are your company’s values, and ethos?  What makes you unique? Why were you formed? What is the story?

The Result

The result you want after your pre-screen call is to have: -

  1. Confirmed that the candidate is really interested in the position

  2. The Candidate has applied for the position for all the right reasons.

  3. The candidate meets your criteria.

  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY you put the phone down and the candidate REALLY wants to come and work for YOU… not your competitor.

  5. You have booked them in for INTERVIEW - REMEMBER speed is the essence. 

Move fast, Social Care is an extremely fast-paced candidate led market, 

So don’t delay book the interview today!

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