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Reading a CV, have you ever.......

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almost 2 years ago

by Victoria Marsden

Reading a CV, have you ever.......

​Have you ever opened a candidate’s CV and immediately found a reason NOT to progress them or call them?  This can be a very common trap In-House Recruiters or Recruitment Consultants can easily fall into.   This can be due to laziness or simply judging or presuming without good reason.

Our Top Tips on Reading a CV

The best CV does not always translate into the best candidate, that is why Pre-screening is really important.  Depending on the level/experience required for the job vacancy you a recruiting for we have shared our Top Tips on common mistakes made when Reading a CV.

It is really important not to:

  • Judge or presume anything.

  • Assume that they would not want to do your job, based on what they are doing now. They have applied after all, so explore this interest further.

  • Make assumptions as to a candidate fit based purely on their CV.

  • Assume why they have moved jobs. Always Speak to them and find out why.

  • Assume especially within the Care Sector that they have never had experience, they may have been brought up with a sibling with Disabilities or nursed an elderly relative, this may not necessarily show on their CV.

  • Rule them out based on their address, they may not mention if they are looking to relocate, or they may live at one address but spend the rest of the week at a partner’s house… so always ask first / don’t assume.

  • Be put off by a badly written CV, not many people do know how to write a perfect CV, and most people are not comfortable blowing their own trumpet.

A CV Cannot tell you:

  • Tell you what their personality is like

  • Show you their passion

  • Their story

  • Why they really applied for the job

  • That they are relocating

So basically, do not judge people by their CV’s prior to speaking to them, you may be blown away!  Look for a great attitude, passion and desire to make a difference”!  A CV does not tell you what their personality is like.  You will always find a reason NOT to call a candidate STOP yourself, pick up the phone and call them.

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