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Paul Marsden


Paul Marsden

About Paul

​Vicky brought me into the company upon its formation, initially to help with the financial and administrative side of the business, this followed my recovery from a spinal fusion operation where I myself had witnessed amazing care from the care teams that had supported me.  I had also helped my son Oliver through a process called ‘Sliding in’ to help on the first steps to overcome his Selective Mutism which is an Anxiety disorder. You can read my full story about thishere.

"Having a partner who had worked within the Care Sector for a lot of years, meant my knowledge had been built through discussions over the dining table, weekends, evenings, mornings – yup you get it pretty much all the time!! I would also help with the on-call if my wife was driving, and I got to know a lot of the Care Assistants and Nurses and their individual personalities.  I quickly found out whom I could rely on to cover calls at short notice."

"I soon fell in love with the Social Care sector.  I initially started recruiting for Care Assistants & Support workers nationally and gradually built my knowledge to become proficient in interviewing Regional Managers, Registered Managers, Care Coordinators, Field Care Supervisors, Recruiters, and Trainers.  I also love recruiting for supporting roles such as Facilities Managers, Human Resources, Finance, and Cooks! My greatest recruitment achievement was recruiting for a role in China to launch a pioneering Dementia Care Service.  There is no better feeling than telling a candidate their application has been successful."

"Receiving feedback as I did from Colin Holloway is my daily motivation."

"My previous career was in logistics, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, learning from a great mentor.  This taught me the ability to plan the logistics of a fleet of 50 vehicles, and, trailers.  Most importantly the ability to engage with, and build long-lasting relationships with people across Europe. I knew all my customers and drivers from the sound of their ‘Hello or Buongiorno’ and they knew that they were important to me as individuals.   

The one element my role lacked was the value of knowing I was making a difference, the motivation and reward in logistics came from adding an extra pallet to a full load and ensuring we generated extra revenue. This however frustrated me and prior to my back injury, I had been looking at alternate roles where I would enjoy my role and remember applying for a role with the RNIB to support people with Sight Loss to travel.

"I love what I do & the satisfaction, of knowing I am playing my part in not only finding my Clients their ideal candidate.  I also find that candidate their dream job! But most of all I love that every day, I play my part in ensuring that the role we play, helps to ensure that the very best care is being delivered by passionate individuals"

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